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 The Revolutionary War 

American Revolution - Biography
The American Revolution
A site about the battles, people, and events of the Revolutionary War.
American Revolution - American war of independence
A description of the American Revolution from the British point of view. American Revolution
Tabs allow selection of readings from The Oxford Companion to American Military History, The Dictionary of American History, The Oxford Companion to United States History, and The Columbia Encyclopedia, as well as offering links to further articles.
A Guide to the American Revolution, 1763-1783
A webguide from the Library of Congress with a range of digital materials including scanned newspapers, pictures, documents, and links to other websites. American Revolution
Short articles on historical topics, arranged by suhject.
The History Place: American Revolution
Timelines in American history.
KidInfo: American Revolution
Large set of subject-organized links to sites pertaining to the history, trivia, battles, people, places, and documents of the American Revolution.
Liberty! The American Revolution
Companion website to the PBS series of the same name.
Pictures of the Revolutionary War
From the National Archives.
After reading book after book about the Revolutionary War and finding only complicated maps with dotted lines and dashed lines crisscrossing the pages, we decided to depict the key naval and land battles using animation technology. (Free selections.)

 The Korean War 

Korea War Choices
Links, images, stories, statistics on a page compiled by a Korean War veteran.
The Korean War
Information about the varied national forces which fought in the Korean War.
Korean War Documentary
Nicely organized site from a Korean War veteran. Includes pictures, weapons, statistics, timeline, and more.
The Korean War Project
Excellent site dedicated to providing a service to veterans, families, researchers, and students of military history.
Korea War Veteran's Association: Links
Links to all sorts of sites including specific units, family associations, current military sites, other veterans' pages, and general Korean War sites.
The Korean 'War' for Dummies (video)
There is a reason why its called the 'Forgotten War', because most people have no clue about the basics. Let HipHughes grease up your frontal cortex and then slide down the hill of learning going through the basic causes and fundamentals of the Korean War. (January 2013)
The Korean War Remembered (video)
CNN's Anna Coren revisits the history of the Korean War amid new threats of attacks from North Korea. (March 2013)
History of the Korean War 1950 - 1953 Map (video)
A military history of the war via maps.

 The Vietnam War 

American Experience: Vietnam Online
American Experience presents an exhaustive look at the Vietnam War: the people, the places, the issues, and the outcomes.
BBC News: Murder in the Name of War: My Lai
Discusses the My Lai massacre, which ... was a watershed in the history of modern American combat, and a turning point in the public perception of the Vietnam War.
The History Place: Vietnam War
United States in Vietnam 1945-1975 Comprehensive Timelines with Quotes and Analysis.
Vietnam Center and Archive
The mission of the Vietnam Archive at Texas Tech University is to support and encourage research and education regarding all aspects of the American Vietnam experience; promoting a greater understanding of this experience and the peoples and cultures of Southeast Asia. Includes primary sources, oral history recordings, and materials for teachers.
Vietnam Passage: Journeys from War to Peace
Six personal accounts from Vietnamese of the war and its end.
Vietnam War Index
From Spartacus Educational, short articles about the people, events, and issues involved in the Vietnam War.
The Wars for Vietnam: 1945-1975
This site, developed around the course materials for Robert Brigham's senior seminar on the Viet Nam War at Vassar College, offers students an opportunity to examine some of those sources, including numerous official documents.

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